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Join the fight for biodiversity and plant trees in your school


Closed for new applications, pending new sponsorship, as of 7 Feb 2024

An initiative from the 
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Apply for 30 trees for your secondary school,
funded by our generous donors and help us plant
15,000 native trees around Ireland.

Make a permanent difference in your school and leave a valuable legacy that will be enjoyed by generations.


And join the fight for biodiversity!

Generations of deforesting...

Ireland is one of the most deforested countries on the planet. It ranks 14th worst overall in for loss of nature.

Originally Ireland was forested from the sea shores to the tops of all but the highest mountains. Today we have less than 1/10th of one percent of these original forests.

Let's rebuild native forests and protect and grow biodiversity!

Now is the time to reverse this tragedy and return the trees and all the biodiversity that goes with them
  • It brings people together

  • It increases biodiversity

  • It helps kids learn about nature

  • People experience tree-planting

  • Trees are beautiful to look at

  • Trees stop soil erosion

  • Trees help drip water slowly into the soil

  • Trees help lessen noise pollution

  • Trees are landmarks for generations

  • Trees support biodiversity

  • Trees support native specias of wildlife

  • Animals (e.g. squirrels), insects (grub), birds (nests) all live in trees

  • Squirrels (nuts) birds (seeds and insects) all feed from trees

  • One tree canopy supports hundreds of insect species

  • Trees provide winter shelter for animals, birds and insects.

Climate change
  • Trees absorb carbon

  • Trees provide winter shelter for animals, birds and insects.

  • Trees create oxygen

  • Trees absorb pollution

Why we should help nurture Native Forests and plant trees:
Trees protect our native species
Image by Anish Lakkapragada
"The NWT are a small team and I’m constantly impressed by how much they achieve, particularly in terms of community engagement.”

Alma Clavin - PI Repair Acts Ireland

How do I claim 30 trees for my school?

We know that everyone wants more trees in their school, especially native trees. Native trees support more other species than exotic trees, that's why we are providing native trees, selected and grown in Ireland and free of charge to you.

We're making it as easy as possible for you to get them into your school. Just apply below and we’ll deliver a selection of native trees to you.

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Eligibility? No problem!

We're inviting every secondary school in Ireland to apply. 


Application is simple. Just fill in our online form (entering your school's roll number) and we'll deliver the trees to you. 

Where to plant your trees:

Check out our Tree Guide and Planting Advice Booklet – free to download.

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Become a member now

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It


We're in - How do we
claim our trees?

Trees to be planted before March 2023

(Fill simple form)

Fill in our simple online form via the link below.

Get approved

Get approved by email within 48 hours.

We may need to call you to verify information

Receive your trees

Receive your trees (either at our delivery point or via courier to your chosen address) along with our planting tips and recommendations.

What species will I get?
We're proud of our participating schools!

So far and since 2008 we've planted over 200,000 trees and we couldn't have planted them without you.

This year we are going for 40,000 trees across a number of projects with your continued support - so apply for your trees now!

We appreciate your continued involvement and hope you will help us achieve our biggest annual-planting target to date.

Coming soon...
Visit our schools pages

We want everyone to see the good work you are doing planting trees in your school. So after you've received your trees, we will send you a link to a form that you can use to upload photographs which will appear on a page dedicated to your secondary school that will show on the map below, so everyone can view them. 

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